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09 January 2011 @ 12:01 am

So says I on Tumblr: I put minimal detail in her hair to distinguish white hair from darker blonde like Linden’s :D

And that is the end of the b&w M2M portraits :3

LEMME EXPLAIN. I don't mind if people tell me what things they like I do, or ask for more of a certain style. But it kind of blows when people tell me they like stuff that looks nothing like my current art. I've gotten some pretty rude comments going basically, "Everything else but this one style of yours sucks" um, nope.

Neil/Tieria for my new Plurk layout. C:

me, drawn from ref in the mirror.

I asked of my watchers on Tumblr to give me characters + expressions, and they gave me:

Nia, "discontent"

Orihime "with gas"

Ashe, crying

Brock, "avuncular pride"

Briar, "flirty"

Linden doodle I forgot existed 0_0


From Tumblr:

Garnet is Zinnia’s husband and an unapologetic turdface, but the only person he’s not a complete pile of disdain to IS Zinnia and their son. Everyone eeeeh can suck it.
Since all characters from Morning to Moon started with a Trope that was then subverted .... his Trope was originally Dr. Jerk, which fits surprisingly well still.

More Garnet stuff, with Zinnia.

I animated this the other morning when I felt like wasting time.

Art OC trade with lambhouse!!

Thorfinn, teenaged years.

stupid stupid Kuroshitsuji comic.

and a one-hour-in-PS-early-morning Ichigo.

I need to share some commissions I did here too, but I am waiting to hear back from the people who commissioned me >///
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